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Newsletter Collection, A Sampling
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UWP newsletters are published as time and money allow. They are filled with articles on plant uses, plant-based businesses, humor, project news, photographs, botanical drawings, and upcoming events. Have a sample look at some of these great issues! Members receive four newsletters per membership period. Start your collection now!
Winter 1993-94 / No. 5
What was on the Primitive Plate?
  • Slim, trim, and paleo-Indian: Why our diets are killing us, by Vaughn M. Bryant, Jr., Dept. of Anthropology, Texas A&M University.
  • Fall Weedfeed recipe favorites: juniper dressing, mustang grape ice cream, catfish a la anise goldenrod, yucca flower stuffed with salmon.
Spring 1994 / No. 6
The Grassburs are Coming!
  • Sweeping change: Entrepreneur cleans up with broom weed, by Marilyn R. Latting
  • A botanist for all reasons: Paul Knight and the art of the possible, by Cathy Green
  • Seeing Red: Why weed seeds sprout, by Stan Roux
  • Seeing Green: Weed sprouts to the salad bowl, by Denise Stokes with Janet Neath
Indian Summer 1994 / No. 7
Vaughn Bryant Shoots More Holes in the American Diet
  • What's eating us . . . is what we're eating, by Vaughn M. Bryant, Jr.
  • Beyond the lawn: Native plants have South Texas covered, by Michael Heep
  • Out of Africa: Miracle mirama beans put down roots in Texas, by Hillary Loring
  • Chomping at the Bend: Favorite moments from Weedfeed, by Cathy Green
  • The great green adventure: Braving Austin's Outback, by Cathy Green
Winter 1994 - 95 / No. 8
Hong Kong or Bust!
  • Hong Kong or Bust! Volume 1 is done, UWP becomes a publisher, by Lynn Marshall
  • In the thicket of it all, by Cathy Green
  • Friendly fire, by Cathy Green
  • Salad by the yard, by Scooter Cheatham
  • Short work: Bonsai with native Texas plants, by Al Richardson
Summer 1995 / No. 9
Ace Vaughnbryant: Plant Detective
  • For Ace, pollen is nothing to sneeze at, by Vaughn M. Bryant, Jr.
  • Hell's gardener: Pat McNeal could landscape the devil's backyard, by Barbara Moeller
  • Plants of a feather: Landscape lessons from native plant communities, by Pat McNeal
  • When the bough breaks, by Ron Hardcastle
Fall Behind 1995 / No. 10
What Wild Plant Keeps Johnny Reno in Tune?
  • The answer is blowing in the wind, by Cathy Green
  • On a playful note: Making a simple whistle from Arundo donax, by Scooter Cheatham
  • Reviews of recent botanical books
  • Mow than meets the eye, by Cathy Green
Spring into Summer 1996 / No. 11
Spore Trek: The Next Germination
  • Spore Trek: The next germination, by Stan Roux
  • Pages from the Weedfeed photo album, Spring 1996: the Weedy, the Feedy, and the Seedy
  • Agarito Jello: A new Weedfeed recipe, by Jim Morgan

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