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Volunteers = Grassburs
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  What Are The Grassroots Grassburs?

Grassburs are the Useful Wild Plants service organization. Grassburs take on some of the jobs that have to be done to finish the project. Each chooses the jobs to do according to their interests, abilities, available time, and experience.
  Why Grassburs?
  • Grassburs are everywhere: UWP should spread like grassburs until we are everywhere.

  • Grassburs are prolific: UWP needs to multiply its membership like grassburs populate a lawn.

  • Grassburs are invasive: UWP needs to be a grassroots invasion force for economic botany.

  • Grassburs get noticed: UWP needs to gain the attention of the public.

  • Grassburs command respect: Everyone respects them whether they like them or not. UWP needs to teach respect for our native plant heritage.

  • Grassburs have untapped economic value (a kernel of nutrition used by pre-Columbian Texans): UWP needs to teach people the value of our native species.
  Benefits of Being a Grassbur
  • Grassburs can participate in special Grassroots Grassbur events like retreats, get-togethers, campouts, and more. (Please note that Weedfeed classes are not a part of Grassbur special events.)

  • Grassburs have the satisfaction of playing a significant role in preserving information on the uses of the native plants of Texas and surrounding regions, and participating with like-minded people in a quality-of-life and quality-of-planet endeavor.

  • Grassburs will help finish this important one-of-a-kind project.

  • Grassburs will be lavishly praised in the UWP newsletter.
  Here are just a few of the openings and activities listed on the Grassbur Job Board.
  • Fact Tracker - Track down articles and books at the library. Keep the research files up to date.

  • Slide Wrangler - Ride herd on a passel of plant slides. Label 'em, file 'em, and send us out on the trail with a list of plants to get next.

  • Roster Ramrod - Keep track of members and mail renewal notices and event announcements.
  • Raconteur - Like to gab? Give a talk to a group.

  • Outpost Commander - Do you live in some far-flung corner of the state? Wonderful! This is a far-flung project. Be an outpost commander and put out brochures, make media contacts, spread the word in your part of the world.

  • Booth Booster - Spend time at the UWP booth at trade shows and festivals. Pass out literature. Talk to people.

  • Nitpicker - Are you picky when you read? Do you find mispl,aced commas and missspelled words? We need you!

  • Snap Dragon - Pretend you're the paparazzi. Photograph UWP events.

  • Prints of Darkness - Process film for newsletter illustrations.

  • Digit Izer - 20 wpm or 120, it doesn't matter. Type newsletter articles and names for the mailing list.

  • Plant Rembrant - Do you draw? We need drawings and cartoons for the newsletter. Send us samples of your work.

  • Wordsmith - How about putting pen to paper and writing an article? Submit your ideas for newsletter articles.

  • Seed Bank Banker - Process and care for seeds in the UWP seed bank.

  • Green Thumb - Grow native plants for sale at UWP events.

  • Media Mogul - Send out press releases and announcements. Spread the word.

There are plenty more Grassbur opportunities that we didn't have room to list.
Give us a call in Austin at 512-928-4441 or e-mail us at

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